Puzzle Table

PATENTED                                                         MADE IN USA


 Each major table component is cut from a single baltic birch panel. This eliminates wood-to-wood glued joints that could potentially loosen over time. Natural finish with clear semi-gloss lacquer.

 This versatile table also features metal latches and hinges, along with a genuine leather hinge cover and a nylon-coated steel actuator cable for long service life.

 Arrives at your door fully assembled and ready to use.

 The usable puzzle area is 35 in. X 24 in. and is covered with a durable white laminate similar to that used on kitchen countertops.

THICKNESS when folded: 2.75 in.

HEIGHT when folded:    33.50 in.

WEIGHT:                      25 lbs.

PuzzlePro Table Dimensions
Puzzle Pro

AUTOMATIC            FOLDING            TABLE          TM


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